Tradeshow & Exhibits

    Services include:

      • Storage of Marketing Materialstradeshow management
      • Delivery of Booth and Materials
      • Tradeshow Booth Repairs
      • On-forward Transport of Booth and Materials to Next Show
      • Secure Warehouse Storage
        • We are experienced in all phases of tradeshow and exhibits logistics management. We can coordinate both your tradeshow schedule and warehouse all your exhibit materials to provide the most cost-efficient method of tradeshow management.

          Unitrans Worldwide will coordinate all the logistics necessary to guarantee that your materials & booth arrive on time, and then coordinate the pickup and transportation of the tradeshow materials after the show is completed. We can provide on-forwarding transportation to the next tradeshow or provide secure warehouse storage until the next tradeshow. We provide up to date tracking of your exhibits to you at anytime and have over 20 years of convention center and tradeshow service experience. Our experience includes convention centers in all major US cities domestically and European cities internationally.

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